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These Brain Games Online Will Make You Smarter

Brain games online are now much sought after by gamers. When you are bored with office work, try to play brain teasers as these types of games can not only make the mood better but also can help improve brain sharpness and memory.

The brain teasers are highly associated with math; therefore, you are able to train your brain without even realizing it. Turning boring problems into gamification is a great way to learn, and here are some interesting game options for you to try.

The first game is Math Duet, which is a brain teaser game that has the same appearance as a card or chess game. The difference is that this game requires math problems instead, which you need to finish in order to win the duel. Basically, the brain games online are all about math problems that are turned into a game, which makes it fun and challenging.

Brain Games Online Ideas

Another option for you to try is the Quick Brain, which is a game that challenges your way of thinking by challenging you with math problems as well. The game has a fast time out, which trains your brain to develop and think critically so you can finish it faster and better. Besides being fun and quite stressful, you will also be spoiled by the appearance of the game that is pleasing to the eye.

Fight the zombies while you finish the math problems. What would happen if this fight happened? Find out about it in Math Vs Undead, where you can feel all the adventures by fighting zombies.

When the math problem appears, a blue-ish green zombie will appear in front of you. The goal is to answer the question quickly while the zombie is bothering you. Therefore, it is necessary to have the full concentration to solve the problem quickly and precisely, and that is the most important thing to fight the Undead.

Another Alternative

Another brain games online alternative is Math Workout, which has an interesting appearance in the form of bubble questions. In this question bubble, at the bottom, there is a choice of answers. To answer the question, you must match the bubble with the available answers.

And another difficult game is Brain It On! where there are 95 levels that you can play. If you play from level one, of course, the level of difficulty is still quite low. But, if you have passed level 15, the level of difficulty will increase even more! How to play this game is very easy, where you only need to draw something so that the mission given is completed.

Collect the Pens

You can also play this very easy Brain Dots game, where you just draw so the two balls hit each stage. But do not be happy just yet, because even though the way to play is easy, the level of difficulty will also be higher as you level up. In this game, you can collect many times pens and pencils, from the ordinary to the colors.

How interesting are not these brain-teasing games? So, you can play everything to fill your free time and keep training your brain at the same time! Through these brain games online, you will feel entertained as well as developing yourself at the same time!

Brain teasers don’t mean they have to be boring. It’s proven that the games mentioned above can make you not take your eyes off the screen even though you feel dizzy. Who says games always bring negative effects to the brain of the players?

Well, games can also be used to provide positive stimulation in training the brain. By using a brain teaser game application that you can play on a smartphone right now, you can improve your brain’s ability. These brain games online are useful and fun, right?

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