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Let’s Enjoy the Beat with These Musical Games

Music is an important part of the game as the sounds in the game can revive the atmosphere when you play. Musical games began to exist as games with music as the main element. These games will need your ears to be sensitive to the tone and tempo in music.

Several mobile games have also begun to display such gameplay. You can play all these music games through your smartphones, from the simple ones to those with great background stories!

Starting from Tap Tap, which is a very easy, simple, yet very addictive game. With such a large collection of songs, especially pop songs, you will definitely can’t stop playing the game. The songs on Tap Tap Music-Pop Songs aren’t just pop songs.

You can also enjoy Kpop, Rock, Hip Hop, EDM, and classic songs. The game has a number of levels that must be passed by each player, so you will keep being challenged to flow with the perfect rhythm.

The Classic Music Games

Piano Tiles 2 was once viral because of its addictiveness while only offering simple gameplay. You are required to listen to the song while you tap on the blocks. In a way, you will feel like you are playing the piano with your fingers.
To make it even more like a piano, instead of using your thumbs, use your four fingers instead. Adjust to the rhythm and follow the songs, from classic to the other variations they offer. With over 200 songs, 400 variations as well as 9 difficulty levels, Cytus is one of the musical games that you should play.

The song genres vary from pop, jazz, hardcore, trance to others, so you can pick your favorite and play the game right away. Besides being lulled by an addictive music game, you will also be spoiled with cool visuals. The concept carried in the story is the world of the future that has something to do with robots.

Role-Playing Musical Games

Lost in Harmony offers great music as well as a powerful story that will excite you. In this game, there are two interesting stories for you to choose, namely Kaito’s Adventure and MIRAI’s Escape.

Kaito’s Adventure lets you get into the love story of Kaito and Aya. MIRAI’s Escape is a story about a robot who is exploring the universe. Both stories require you to listen carefully to the music and follow the rhythm, where you need to tap on the beat to avoid obstacles.

Lanota brings unique gameplay to mobile music games by carrying out the concept of a storybook. You will be invited to an adventure where you need to restore the balance of the world through music.

Meanwhile, the game also offers many levels with a neat animation. There will be a boss feature that you must conquer. This is the best option if you like a role-playing game because you get both that and the musical games!
Whether it’s work or school, it certainly requires a lot of energy, thought, and time so that the chances of emergence of saturation are very high. Games can indeed be used to kill fatigue that can be present at any time. But now the game is not only used for this. Without waiting for any fatigue, people will calmly play games from their respective smartphones.

Playing alone, or in groups. There are many choices of games that can be played, one of which is a music game. Music is the life of many, and having them rejuvenate your senses through games is a great way to spend those spare times of yours. These musical games are great for kids as it has a positive effect on their development.

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