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Reasons Why You Should Play Harvest Moon Again

Harvest Moon is readily available on your smartphone right now, but you most likely had played it years and years ago. It’s a legendary game where you can easily get addicted, so why not replay the game again?

This time, use your smartphone to play this role-playing and simulation game instead of using the PlayStation. Should you need more reasons to replay the game, or want to try it for the very first time, why don’t you read on further below?

The hallmark of this game back then was to tell the story of a knight who was having the adventure to save the world. At the time, Harvest Moon was competing with other cool games such as Final Fantasy, Legend of Dragoon, etc.

These games have a game system, a story, and also charming graphics, and this game won with the simple graphic quality. It is able to prove, the greatness of a game is not just solely based on graphics, but also the game system and the experience it offers.

This Game Has Unforgettable Characters

This game is not only about managing a farm and animal husbandry but also about the interaction between characters, as well as various interesting moments that become replay value or the feasibility of this game to be played repeatedly.

The cute character design is undeniably the selling point of this game and is still widely remembered until now. The characteristics of Harvest Moon character is a mini body, cute and colorful that we cannot seem to forget.

Seeing the character designs that are on the cover of this game, we sometimes have immediately argued that this game is definitely for children. This game can be categorized easily, but also very complex.

This is because of the development of the characters, the interaction of the main characters with supporting characters, as well as interesting and surprising events. For example, when the main character meets a goddess who lives in a waterfall lake, then chooses a partner for family.

Worth to Replay

Harvest Moon also offers unique festivals held in the village where you live that you shouldn’t miss out. One of the events is Chicken Sumo, where we will pit our livestock chickens to compete with other character’s chicken sumo.

In addition, there are also horse races, cooking competitions, and tomato throwing war. This uniqueness has brought a very large number of fans. Even today, people are still playing this game, either on PC, smartphone, or emulator.

It is undeniable; the replay value is very high, making some of us feel at home to play it. The number of unlimited scenarios and various hidden secrets that are packaged in such a way by Natsume as a developer is also one of the reasons why this game is so memorable.

Well, if you want to reminisce about your childhood, or even try playing this game for the first time, you should do it! Harvest Moon is a legendary game that should always be replayed at any time!

To complete the main story of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, you must carry out all these repetitive activities for up to 3 years in the game, with one year there are four seasons, and one season has 30 days.

If you are in one room, then the hours in the game will not increase at all, but if you walk in the middle of the city, the beach, or the mountains, then the running time can be said to be very fast.

So, if you want to play this game again, you should consider the length of time to finish it. However, it will definitely a blast to go through it all over again and be nostalgic throughout the years in the game! All this must be achieved within three years, and if you cannot fulfill the conditions requested, you will be told to leave the city of Harvest Moon.

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