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5 Advantages of the Indonesian Bus Simulator Game (BUSSID) Maleo

There are lots of fun and interesting bus simulator genre games to play on android smartphone devices. One of them is the Indonesian Bus Simulator game (Bus Simulator ID) or better known as BUSSID. This game is made by the original Indonesian developer, Maleo and was released in 2017. Until now, the BUSSID game continues to be updated along with the addition of various features and also to fix existing bugs.

The Bus Simulator Indonesia game is one of the most popular games to play. Maybe this is because the BUSSID game has advantages that other bus simulator games don’t have, especially those that can be played on Android smartphones. So, what are the advantages of the BUSSID game?

  1. Detailed Graphics

For Gamers, graphics are the most important thing in a game. Because with good graphics, it will certainly make players more comfortable playing the game, including games with the simulation genre such as the BUSSID game.

Well, that’s one of the advantages of the BUSSID game. Where the Maleo team as the game developer has completed detailed graphics in the BUSSID game. Yes, even though it doesn’t seem very realistic, it is of sufficient quality and not boring.

  1. Environment, Cities, and Authentic Indonesian Buses

As the name implies, the BUSSID game deliberately presents a bus simulation game with a distinctive Indonesian nuance. Starting from the village environment, urban areas, to the various types of original buses that are usually milling about on the streets of Indonesia.

When playing the BUSSID game, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful village roads with rice fields on the right and left, the sensation of driving at high speed on toll roads, and also passing the longest bridge in Indonesia, the Suramadu bridge.

  1. Design Your Own Livery Bus

Livery or sometimes also called skin is clothing or uniform that is used to symbolize the identity of a bus company (PO).

In the BUSSID game, you can design and use your own livery and replace it without limits. Not even just livery, but you can also add various cool accessories on the bus that you will use to play, such as wheel accessories, strobe lights, bumpers, and others.

  1. There is a Vehicle MOD System

There are many who say that the Bus Simulator Indonesia game is the android version of ETS2. Yes, it’s not wrong, because there are many interesting features provided in the BUSSID game. One of these interesting features is the vehicle MOD system.

Through the vehicle MOD system feature (vehicle MOD) players can install and use various types of vehicles other than buses available on the BUSSID game dashboard. Vehicles such as trucks, pick up cars, motorcycles, and others can be used freely in the BUSSID game. Cool, right?

  1. Always Updated

The purpose of developers updating an application (including games) is to update or add the latest features and also fix problems (bugs) in the application.

This is also what the Maleo team as the BUSSID game developer does, who continues to consistently update the BUSSID game so that it is better than the first time the game was released. When this article was published, the BUSSID game has been updated to version 3.6.1.

Those are some reviews about 5 advantages of the Bus Simulator ID (BUSSID) game. Of the five advantages of the BUSSID game above, of course there are many other advantages that we cannot mention one by one. Therefore, for those of you who want to try this Android version of the bus simulation game, let’s just download it on the Play Store.

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